Old Fashion entertainment center. With doors preferably but would be happy without. They had a place for a small TV and some shelves. Old Fashion I say. They were approx. 18" deep, and three foot across, and four foot tall. I don't have TV. Want it for plants on top and books inside. :). Thank you
I need five clay pot or ceramic with drainage hole, 6-8 inches at least. Thank you very much. :) 406-600-4637 Received a basket of plant on Mother's Day and need to replant them.
I am looking for glass jars / bottles for a garden project. We can't recycle glass here in Bozeman (for the most part), so I'm hoping some of you have a stash you'd like to keep out of the landfill! I can help! I need quite a bit of glass, so if you have some, please let me know! THANK YOU!
We have a community room in need of books for the tenants to read. Any books but 'Trashy Novels' please. We appreciate it greatly. 406-600-4637 Jan
in need of egg cartons in good shape please. Willing to pick up locally, or in Livingston or Bozeman. If you have extra cartons or would be willing to save some for me, please email me at svhc-mt@hotmail.com. thanks!
Hello Freecycle Friends....Does anyone have a "stand or base" to a patio umbrella. I have the pole (about 2+ inches in diameter & 6+ feet long & the shade umbrella. I just don't have a stand. Does anyone have one that old...and unused?? Anything in the any condition is fine just as long as I can sit in the shade of my umbrella. Thank you for contacting me & have good day!
A teach in the Bozeman Schools is teaching hand sewing to the students. Needed: buttons, scraps of fabric, thread, or anything that would help in the class. Thank you for your help. 600-4637