Items Wanted in Bozeman, MT

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I am searching for a few large, sturdy boxes that are in good shape. I can pick up. Thanks!
Hi there! Just a simple treadmill wanted. Thanks!
Renting apartment and we are in need of a dryer! Please help, needs to be electric. We will happily come get. Thanks!
I cannot find a gallon jar anywhere. Does anyone have a clear glass gallon jar to spare? Thank you...............please text as I am not on here much. 600-4637
My printmaking project requires thin sheets of styrofoam, like the kind used in meat trays at the grocery store. Anyone have some clean styrofoam sheets? (1/8" thick or so) It has to be the smooth kind that is not imprinted with a texture. Thanks!
Hey there! I missed out on some mannequins that were offered here. I only need one. Can you part with one? Thank you!!! :)
I can pick up
I'm going to be getting a small essential oil diffuser and would love to get some oils. I'm happy to take opened, partially used bottles of whatever you have that you no longer use or like. Thank you!
I want to put up to panels of pretty red for keeping out the sun. Need a long curtain rod, that will go over two windows . Must extend to at least 88 inches. Does not have to be a heavy duty one, just sturdy. I have looked in second hand stores and have not found one long enough. Thank you in advance. :)
Looking for a yoga mat. Recently had back surgery need to do physical therapy at home. Please call or leave text at 406-539-5417. Thanks Fay
Hi. My son wants to build a fort in the backyard, so I'm looking for particle board, 2x4s, 4x4s, etc in decent condition. Willing to disassemble any unused forts just sitting unused....
A friend has offered us a twin XL mattress for our son, but they no longer have the box spring or frame. I'm hoping someone might have one or the other.
I am looking for any/all things rustic for decorations. Wooden boxes, old mining stuff, wall hangings, etc. Thank you so much!
Looking for drywall stilts over 20". Can pick up in Bozeman or Belgrade. Thanks for looking.
Wanted wood for making decorations for an outdoor wedding (painting, etc)
Dormitory size refrigerator please
Hey!.. We looking for a rocking recliner or glider chair.. We have a new baby and have no chair to rock him in.. If you have one thats taking up space we'd love to put it to use!.. Thanks freecyclers! =)
will pick up
Looking for young trees, either plum trees, cherry trees,or willow trees. Thanks in advance! also, will pick up
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