Eskimo Wooden Boat Toy - This is hand made by the Eskimo Native Americans. This is a boat pull along toy with string itact that fatures, hand painted top and sides with Eskimo Designs and a wood boat conected by string to the handle from circa mid to late xxxx's. The Boat measures 9.25" the handle measures 3 1/8" and total length of toy is 32" long.Listing originally posted at http
Miller High Life framed poster. - This is a Beer Advertisement for Miller High Life. Measures 17.5"x23"Listing originally posted at http
Next Auction March 23rd Western, Native American - Thank you for bidding and participating in our Auction Event. We invite you to watch out for our Next Auction which will be Saturday March 23rd xxxx. This auction will have items such as
Solid crate, good condition, 26w X 12h. X 12d. Call Craig 220-0222.
Solid pine, very good condition, 21w X 13d X 8h. Call Craig 220-0222.
two brown and gray pipe wrenches Antique tool set of tin snips, manual drill/screwdriver and two wrenches. A steal at $50. (If you are interested, ask me about the other, even cooler but less politically correct antique tools I have ranging from the 1870s to 1940s.)
gray and brown pulley hook Beautiful, functional Anvil brand single block and tackle pulley. You rarely see them in this nice of shape. I ve seen ones like this go for upwards of $90 on eBay.
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